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Brand Name:KAI
Model No.:7000 SERIES
Name:KAI 7000 SERIES 7300 12"(300mm) 7280 11"(280mm) 7280SE 11"(280mm) 7250 10"(250mm) 7250SE 10"(250mm) 7250SL 10"(250mm) 7230 9"(230mm) 7205 8"(205mm)
Product Description:
  1. Blades made of high-carbon Molybdenum Vanadium stainless steel for extra-long edge life and high cutting efficiency.
  2. Full-length "blade-to-grip" design for optimal cutting balance.
  3. Novel duplex interlock screw for lasting blade tension.
  4. Ergonomically styled and padded grip made of "Elastomer" soft plastic for maximum ease of handling.
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